How to Correct a Sentence Fragment

Would You Need a Sentence Fragment Corrector?

Sentence structure as well as following all of the other grammatical rules that are out there is important if you want your reader to be able to understand what you have to say. Whether you are a student looking for good grades or a business person looking to get that agreement from the bank your writing is key. Knowing how to correct a sentence fragment is therefore important if you want your work correct. Using our sentence fragment corrector software will often be the best way to ensure that it is.

We always make mistakes when we write. Skipping a rule or making a typo is inevitable no matter how careful we are. This is why we should always take care to proofread our work when we are done writing. The problem is that few of us can proofread well, especially if it is our own writing. This is why using a sentence corrector free online ca be such a boon. Our professional writing tool is perfect for correcting your grammatical errors quickly and efficiently. Not only can it help you to get better grades and results it can also help you to improve your writing if you use it regularly.

Basic Rules for Sentence Structure in English

It is helpful to understand what makes up a sentence if you are to understand how to correct a relative clause fragment or any other issue with your sentence structure. A sentence must contain two things as a minimum for it to be a sentence. These are:

  • The subject: this is the person, place or the thing that the sentence is about. This will usually be a noun or a pronoun and may also include any modifying words or phrases. For example: “The man” or “The proud man.”
  • The predicate: this is the action taken or the expression of being that is used within the sentence. Usually, this is going to be verb or action word as well as any modifying phrases or words. For example: “Runs” or “Runs quickly.”

So, to have a sentence you must have both the subject and a predicate. If either or both are missing then the sentence will be considered a fragment. So “The man runs.” Can be considered a full sentence.

how to correct a sentence fragment free

In addition, a sentence can contain:

  • A direct object: this is a noun or a pronoun that receives the action of the sentence. For example “mat” in “The cat sat on the mat.”
  • An indirect object: this is a noun or a pronoun that is for whom the action is being done. For example: “The man puts out food for his cat.” The cat being the indirect object.
  • Subject complement: this renames or will describe the subject of the sentence and will come after a linking verb. For example: “The man is a good pet owner.”

How to Identify and Correct Errors in Your Sentence Structure

If you want to know how to correct a dependent clause fragment you must first be able to find it. This means working your way through each of your sentences to ensure that they contain all of the required elements of a sentence along with the right transitional words and everything else.

Using our sentence fragment finder to automatically do this for you will often be the best way forward. It provides you with quick and reliable identification of any errors within your writing. Not only that, but it will also clearly show you how those sentences should be corrected. So if you are wondering “is my sentence correct?” Simply drop it into our tool and it will instantly let you know.

How Do I Practice to Correct My Sentence Grammar?

One way of quickly understanding is my sentence grammatically correct is to practice correcting sentences that are not correct. This provides you with an understanding of why they are wrong and how they should be corrected. The following are 5 simple sentences that are incorrect and require correction:

  1. Start after work
  2. I love to correct my grammar I will use the tool every time I write.
  3. The mat was sat on by the cat.
  4. The horse threw off it’s rider.
  5. I want to know is my sentence grammatically correct?

How to Correct a Sentence Fragment with Our Tool

Our tool is very simple to use to improve all of your writing. It works on all types of documents and in all subject areas. Simply paste your text into the tool and let it do its work. After a few seconds, it will highlight all of the issues within the writing and you will be able to go through the text to check each one. With each error, you will find a suggestion or a full explanation of how the issues should be corrected enabling you to make sure that your writing is correct.

Answers to Sentence Grammar Questions

The following are the reasons why the practice questions are incorrect and the corrected versions against which you will be able to check your own answers:

  1. Fragment: “I will start revising after work.”
  2. Run on sentence: “I love to correct my grammar. I will use the tool every time I write.”
  3. Passive voice use: Corrected to active “The cat sat on the mat.”
  4. Confusion of its and it’s: “The horse threw off its rider.”
  5. No comma after the introductory phrase: “I want to know, is my sentence grammatically correct?”

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