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Do You Need an Online Run on Sentence Corrector?

Sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar use all need to be perfect if you are going to get the results that you expect from your writing. Mistakes can make your writing confusing, lead to misinterpretation, and give the reader a bad impression of your abilities. This is why using an English sentence checker app can be so important. By using our quick and efficient fragment and run on sentence checker you will be able to ensure that all issues with your writing can be corrected.

Checking your own writing manually can be time-consuming and is rarely effective. Our free online run-on sentence checker can do the task for you in just a few minutes to help you to avoid any problems within your writing that might otherwise slip through.

What Are Comma Splices, Run on Sentences, Fused Sentences, and Fragments?

There are many different grammatical errors that can creep into your sentences and these should be avoided at all costs. The following are some of the most common errors that our tool will find within your writing when you use our incomplete sentence checker:

  • Run on sentence: also known as a fused sentence, this is when you have two independent clauses that are not separated by appropriate punctuation and conjunction.
  • Fragments: your sentence must as minimum have a subject and verb. With either or both missing the sentence is incomplete and a fragment.
  • Comma Splices: many will correct a run on sentence by separating the second relative clause with a comma. This is incorrect and you should use a semicolon, conjunction with a comma or separate them into two sentences.

Why Is It Easy to Miss Comma Splices and Run on Sentences in Your Writing?

Checking your own writing is rarely an effective way of spotting any errors. Most of the time we are too familiar with the work and only see what we tried to say and not what is actually on the page. This is why so many errors slip through with our writing. It can also be very time consuming to find issues and most people simply do not have the time to check their writing to the standards required.

Samples of Incorrect Sentences

If you are wondering what is a fused sentence error or other types of problems within your writing the following examples of errors will help you:

  1. Run on Or Fused Sentences:

  • I went to the woods I picked many mushrooms there.
  • The car sped recklessly down the hill the brakes failed and it failed to make the bend.
  • The teacher entered the classroom the students instantly became silent.
  • Arthur’s cat ate too much the cat died of diseases linked to obesity.
  • The use of a run on checker free is easy the tool will find any fused sentences in your writing.
  1. Fragments:

  • When in Rome.
  • Doing the Floss.
  • The marvellously talented singer.
  • The dog at the end of the street.
  • Being late for work.
  1. Comma Splices:

  • The dog ran fast, it did not catch the cat.
  • I went to the store today, I bought the groceries that we needed for next week.
  • Jack went up the hill, Jill chased after him.
  • The rotten fruit smelled bad, people could not work in the room.
  • The horse bolted, Mary fell from the horse.

How to Avoid Errors in Your Sentences

There are many errors that you could make in your writing of sentences that you must avoid. The following are some tips to help you to avoid and fix the most common:

  1. Always ensure that your sentence has a subject and a predicate: otherwise, it is a fragment. Correct fragments by adding the missing part or joining to a complete sentence.
  2. If your sentence has two independent clauses do not separate them with only a comma as this is a comma splice. Split them with a semicolon or a period.
  3. If you have two clauses and they are not separated by correct punctuation then it is a run on sentence. Correct with a semicolon, split into two separate sentences, or use a comma and conjunction.
  4. Missing comma after an introductory word or phrase: add the missing comma to show where the introduction ends.
  5. Missing Oxford comma: add a comma after the penultimate item in the list or series.
  6. Passive voice: if the subject is after the verb within the sentence correct by moving the subject before the verb.
  7. Confusing its and it’s: it’s is a contraction for it is. “Its” is the possessive form. If you have confused them then use the correct one.
  8. Using a semicolon where you should have used a colon: a colon should be used where you will move into a list or an explanation.
  9. Misuse of tenses: do not jump from past tense to future or present in the same sentence.
  10. Adding an apostrophe to plurals: the apostrophe should indicate ownership unless you are making plurals of single figure digits.

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What Is the Best Way to Check for Poor Sentence Structure?

Checking your work manually is a very time-consuming process. As such the best way for you to find issues with your writing is often with our punctuation corrector and comma splice checker free. Our professional tool provides you with almost instant feedback on your writing and is able to identify and correct all common ways that you could get your sentence structure incorrect.

Why Our Fragment and Run on Sentence Checker Is the One to Work With

If you are looking for fragment and run on sentence correction online then our professional tool is the one that you should use. We provide you with the best sentence fragment checker online that is able to check all forms of documentation for many hundreds of potential errors. It provides you with a comprehensive check of your writing and is:

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  • Offers clear suggestions to correct your writing.

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