Detect Incomplete Sentences with Sentence Fragment Finder

Why Check Sentence for Grammar?

Your grammar and punctuation are vitally important as they control how the reader will interpret what you have written. Get it wrong and they could easily get a different meaning than the one that you were trying to communicate. Using a sentence fragment finder can, therefore, be very important if you want to make the right impression with your work. Our fragment sentence fixer can help you to ensure that all issues with your sentence structure are identified and corrected.

Finding those issues if you proofread your own work can be long-winded and often not particularly effective. Most of us miss even glaring errors within our own writing. This is why using an automated run on sentence detector can be so much better. The software will always find what it is programmed to find and will never get tired or become distracted. With our software to find grammar errors, you can be sure that you will get much better results with your writing.

Complete Sentence Vs Incomplete Sentence

There are two things that must be present for a sentence to be complete. These are the subject and the predicate or verb. The subject is the person, thing or even place that the sentence is written about. The predicate is the action that is taken within the sentence. Both must be present for it to be a complete sentence. For example: “The dog sat.” While this may be short it is still a complete sentence as it contains the subject (Dog) and the predicate (Sat.)

An incomplete sentence, otherwise known as a fragment is missing one or both of the subject and predicate. Without these, it is a fragment and cannot stand alone as a sentence.

Examples of Incomplete Vs Complete Sentences

The following are some examples of incomplete or fragment sentences followed by their corrections:

Ran to the bar. Steve ran to the bar.
Went into the store. She went into the store.
Ate too much pie. Georgie ate too much pie.
A very fat dog. A very fat dog ate all of the food.
The room full of dieters. The room full of dieters listened intently.
The opera singer from Milan. The opera singer from Milan broke the glass.

How Can You Detect Incomplete Sentences?

Finding sentence fragments is not easy. We will often overlook them as we will use them commonly in everyday speech. So often we are desensitized to their use; even though they are incorrect in written English. The following are different ways that you can find incomplete sentences in your writing:

  • Take each sentence in turn and ask yourself who is the subject.
  • Look at each sentence and see if it has a verb within it.
  • Read your writing aloud and listen to what is said with care.
  • Ask a friend to read through your writing to look for issues.
  • Use is this a fragment checker to review your writing.

sentence fragment finder online

How to Correct Sentence Structure

You can use our free sentence structure checker to identify and correct sentences that are incorrectly put together. However, it is still better if you understand what the issues are and how they are fixed. The following are examples of different structural errors and how they are fixed:

Issue Example Fix
Run on or fused sentence The dog went into the wood it found a place to hide behind the big oak. The dog went into the wood. It found a place to hide behind the big oak.
Fragment Flew very high and fast. The hawk flew very high and fast.
Passive voice use The car was crashed into the tree by Steve. Steve crashed the car into the tree.
Missing comma after an introductory word But the sentence fragment detector will do a great job. But, the sentence fragment detector will do a great job.

How Does Our Sentence Fragment Finder Help Students and Other Writers?

Using our is this a sentence fragment checker provides you with far more than just the ability to find fragments. The tool will “check my sentence structure” for a whole host of different grammatical and punctuation issues. It checks your writing against more than 400 separate writing rules and will highlight any areas in which you may have failed to follow those rules.

Our professional sentence fragment app provides you with a highly effective tool that works on all forms of documentation. It is suitable for professional writers, students, job seekers and business people to ensure that your writing will be of the right standard for your audience.

It is simple to use and is capable of finding many issues as well as helping you to improve your vocabulary and avoid plagiarism. Regular use will help you to get better results from all of your work as well as aiding you in improving your writing.

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